About Our Team

About Our Team

Our team was built with the mission of helping businesses grow by simplifying their operations using our experience and technology.

Our team was built with the mission of helping businesses grow by simplifying their operations using our experience and technology.


In recent years, because of the global impact of COVID-19, we’ve seen a huge surge of startups that focus on platforming all types of services across all kinds of sectors. This surge has created a domino effect on the current market, forcing big corporations into platformization themselves. The deciding factors, now clearer than ever, are between brand loyalty and value proposition. In order to ensure that your services remain or become the top choice, you will need the best team members to help you deliver the best solutions to your customers. And for that reason, we’re here to help.

Our Services

IT Support

IT Suppport

Investing in a local IT Support team is definitely the best way to ensure that the hardware is properly utilized and maintained.

Our support service provides our clients with the peace of mind when it comes to cost, for maintaining their technology environment. We offer a streamlined process to our Support service.

Web Development

Web Development

Our team of experienced web developers can help bring your vision to life. We create websites that look great and effectively communicate your message, while also optimizing for search engines and user experience.

We offer various packages and can work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and specific requirements.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Web & Mobile Development

As we live in a fast-paced and highly competitive time, the solution to your problem might not even exist yet. Our IT Solution Developer will meticulously map out all the key elements of your request prior.

Our expert developers have you covered for website, web applications and mobile application, for all devices.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Years of experience in both the local and global IT market has provided us with the knowledge and flexibility when it comes to designing solutions as well as resolving complex problems.

Simply put, with our help, you will be saving a lot of time and money.

Simply put, with our help, you will be saving a lot of time and money.


Hardware, Networking, Cabling, CCTV

Hardware, Networking, Cabling, CCTV

Our team offers professional network, CCTV, and security system installation services to ensure fast and reliable internet access, property monitoring, and protection.

We will design a custom solution to fit your specific needs and provide ongoing support. Trust us to keep you connected and secure.

odoo ERP

odoo ERP

From “stocking-up” to “pitching”, Odoo facilitates the entire process efficiently. Additionally, it allows you to remain aware of the entire operations at all times.

The advanced Reporting provides you with ALL data dynamically, which makes it easy for you to pick and choose the variables that you wish to query.

Astute. Bold. Strong.

With over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, managing top brands in Laos, we are here to challenge and surpass the local competition, in order to become the best Creative Agency in the region. We aim to achieve excellence by becoming your go-to Partner for digital marketing services. Our team is built with “integrity” as foundation, which supports the trust that our Clients have placed in us.

What We Do

Branding: We know how good your product is, and why. Our job is to ensure that your Customers know it too. A successful brand usually comes with a great vision paired with a unique identity.

Creative: While people debate about who can climb the tree faster, we come up with a new test: better and more importantly, fun. Our team of experienced designers have you covered for both graphic and video.

Social Media: Following the trend is key to a successful campaign. We think further. We push boundaries of visual communication and aim to set the trend ourselves. Each and every marketing campaign we execute, is meticulously designed to match with our objectives, which subsequently translates to a better ROI.


Goodboy Productions is a video production and online advertisement company established in 2018 in Vientiane, Laos. Driven by a team of the brightest minds with years of experience in the video production industry, which aims to transform your vision into reality while ensuring that its message has been well communicated to the target audience.

Our Mission

We, Goodboy Productions, aim to always produce unique, creative and effective solutions in design, marketing and advertising. Then use them to help our clients achieving their goals while ensuring that we deliver the best quality, the best solutions and the best service at a reasonable price.

To do that, our team of writers, producers, and directors have the flexibility to be involved at any stage of a project, or to manage the project from conception to completion. So we will always be responsive to change, and open to alternative new ideas and concepts until we get the highest quality tools that contain the specific and unique requirements from the clients.

For us, successful commercial videos are the videos that give you education and entertainment at the same time: a simple and clear message; a challenging concept; and an effective collaboration between us and the clients.

Full Video Production

Pre-production: Script writing, storyboard creation, casting, location survey, production schedule

Production: Video director, Director of Photography, lighting team, sound team, camera operators

Post-production: Basic video editing, Color grading, Motion Graphic, voice-over recording, subtitles

Our Clients

We are very fortunate to work with these amazing partners